Lent | The Friendship Of Jesus.

In John 11, we learn who God is in the grief and questions we face: He is a friend. Jesus willing enters into our sadness and weeps with us – even knowing resurrection is on the way. (John 11)

Lent | Insiders/Outsiders Part 1: Nicodemus

One was a powerful, Jewish insider meeting Jesus in the middle of the night. The other a powerless, Samaritan outsider meeting Jesus in the heat of the day. Both encounter Jesus, and in the process, help us answer a foundational question for both insiders and...

Lent | Recovering Our Hunger

Lent is about naming and releasing that which makes us too full to be hungry for God. Like Jesus, the Spirit is leading us into a place of vulnerability and need – because that’s where we learn to trust. 

Epiphany | Jesus After Disillusionment

Six days after a moment of profound failure and disillusion, Peter sees Jesus in radiant glory. In the same way, grace meets us in our disillusionment and disappointment, helping us to see the same Jesus with new eyes. (Matthew 17:1-9)