God At Work | Working For The Good

How do we live and love like Jesus at work without being… *that* Christian? In this message, we explore the what it means to be a patient, humble, authentic witness that is good news to our co-workers.

God At Work | Work As Worship

We need a vision for our work life that more resembles the kingdom of God than the American dream. So how we learn to see our work as worship – and how do we know when we’re worshiping our work? 

Pentecost | Power To The People

At Pentecost, we celebrate that the Holy Spirit isn’t for the professionals, the powerful, the knowledgable, or the spiritual elites. No – the power of God empowers the whole Church for the mission of God right where they are. (Acts 2:1-12)

Revelation Week 5 | Well… Hell.

You don’t make it through the book of Revelation without running into conversations about hell and judgement. Can we reconciled hell with a loving God? Are our views of hell more influenced by cultural caricatures or the Scriptures? And how does this all fit...