We believe Jesus is restoring people who restore the world. Our mission is simply to join Him in our city to bring restoration to every area of life.

So in a world where it’s become easy to tear down, we want to build. Restoration isn’t just a name – it’s the very foundation of the Story that shapes our lives. In Revelation 21:5, Jesus tells us he is making everything new. In fact, we believe the whole Bible is one big Story that tells of God’s plan to restore all of creation back to himself through Jesus. We see our role as joining him in building and restoring the lives of individuals, families, neighborhoods, cities, and beyond.

Core Beliefs

As Christians, we hold to orthodox Christian beliefs found in the Christian scriptures, expressed historically in the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed. These beliefs inform our practices as a community in our everyday lives. Yet how we hold these beliefs, too, is key. Centuries ago, a saying developed among believers that forms the posture of our belief: In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Freedom, And In All Things, Love. This, posture of love is one we seek to hold in all we say and do.

Core Practices

We follow Jesus. 
At Restoration, faith is more than knowledge we come to agree with. The invitation Jesus gives us is simple: follow me. The life of following Jesus is called discipleship, and it’s something you’ll hear us talk a lot about around here. For us, it means that our lives are always in the process of unlearning and relearning everything in light of Jesus. We are on a journey that is shaping us to be more and more like him. Our practices, then, both as individuals and as a community, are meant not just to inform us, but to form us.

One of the ways we do this is reading through the Bible together. You can find out more about this community practice by clicking here.

We do it together.
We believe life is bigger than us, and we are made for more than ourselves. For us, church isn’t an hour on Sunday, but rather a family we share our story with on the road of being transformed. In fact, we believe the best of our lives happens with others in community. You’ll hear us talk a lot about things like City Groups and other opportunities to move beyond ourselves and into the lives of others. After all – this is where all the good stuff happens!

We build bridges. 
We live in a time where division comes easy. But if God is telling a Story of Restoration, then we have work to do. In fact, he describes our faith as a “message of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:19).” Because of this, we want to be bridge builders, offering the love of God through acts of service, compassion, and hospitality. Our mission, in our homes, neighborhoods, families, and city is to be the kind of people who hold out hope for everyone, no matter where they are spiritually. We like to ask this question: what would it look like to be good news here? That question drives us.



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