Through this season of dealing with the coronavirus crisis in our country, we’ll be posting resources every Sunday online for you, your family, and friends to stay connected in worship in our community.

Read This Week’s Scripture: Psalm 131


How Can We Pray For You?

Even though we’re not gathering together as a community, we’d still love to pray with you about any needs you have. Fill out a Connect Card.


Give Online

Even in the midst of chaos and fear, we reject scarcity and live from abundance. Your generosity makes our community possible, and also continues our efforts to serve the needs of our community around us. Click here to give online!


Field Guide For Troubled Times: Rest For Our Souls

Community Questions

  1. Sometimes our feelings and emotions can sneak up on us and surprise us. During this season of crisis, what are some of the emotions that have been coming to the surface? Anger? Sadness? Fear? Anxiety? Share with someone.
  2. The Bible teaches that our soul is our whole person – not just the spiritual part of our lives, but our bodies and emotions. Why do you think integrating and understanding our whole body and mind into our spiritual growth so important?
  3. Psalm 131:1 speaks of a humility to not have to know and understanding everything. In these times, what kind of healthy boundaries would help you being informed in a healthy way by the news/social media – not engrossed within it?
  4. Through rest, God restores us and renews our soul. What is something you can do during this season that restores you? Exercise? Reading? Gardening? Creativity? How might you carve out time this week to join God’s restoring work in you?

Community Practice

Sabbath. Even though it’s difficult to know up from down during this crisis, setting apart a Sabbath to rest and be restored by God is essential in this season! This week, look at your schedule throughout the week and mark out a time to rest. Stop producing and working about participate with God in the restoration of your souls. Over the last year, we’ve had 4 messages on Sabbath and rest. Go deeper here!
Rest And Identity
Rest And Rhythms
Patterns Of Rest

Other Resources For Growth

You Version Bible App – online Bible and tons of reading plans
The Bible Project – videos, podcasts, and resources that help you understand and study the Bible
Daily Prayer App – a resource to guide your daily Scripture and prayer
Storied Narrative Lectionary – videos designed to help immerse you in the big story of the Bible
Prayer Course – an amazing free resource that helps you learn what prayer is – and how to do it


Restoration Kids Resources

During our time without gatherings, we hope to still provide you with resources for discipling your kids. Click below to find resources together.

This Week’s Kids Resources Here!



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