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Community is about relationship. Take time to listen to and engage in one another’s stories.

To repent literally means to turn – to change direction. As you look ahead at the new year, where do you long to see a change of direction in your own personal journey?

We’re all pulled away from our center from time to time. As you look at your life, what habits, distractions, or emotions knock you out of  spiritual alignment?


Read Luke 18:9-23

“God I thank you that I’m not like…”  is a posture we are all prone to from time to time. Be honest – who are you most tempted to look down on judgement at?

The rich young ruler was an upright, moral seeker of truth – and yet he walked away. What do you learn about what it means to follow Jesus from this story?

How might we, as a Church, call people to Jesus in light of these verses? What does it look like to draw both religious and irreligious people into Christ as center?


End Of The Year EXAMEN

Examen is a practice of prayer that assesses and reorients our hearts for the future. As you look back on 2019:

Replay: What happened? Good? Bad?

Rejoice: Looking back, what do you praise God for?

Repent: Looking back, what do you need to surrender to God?

Reboot: Looking ahead, how do you intend to grow?

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