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how can i get connected?

Learn more about the different ways community takes shape at Restoration.

Community Groups


• Building community, sharing life, and serving together


  • Ongoing, approx. 8-12 people, open to all demographics
  • Weekly/every other week
  • Meets in a home or a neutral space
  • Each gathering includes a shared meal, an intentional conversation that generally follows a provided discussion guide, and prayer

DNA Groups

Forming deep, spiritual relationships


  • Ongoing, weekly or biweekly, 2-5 people
  • Usually gender specific, and includes all ages and stages of life
  • Meets in a home, neutral space, or online via Zoom
  • Each gathering includes an intentional conversation that follows a provided discussion format

short term Groups


An in-depth book study, Bible study, or topical study that can serve as a low-commitment opportunity for people looking to deepen their involvement at Restoration


  • Group size varies based on needs and capacity
  • Timeframe of group is 4-10 weeks with most groups lasting 6-8 weeks
  • Location is flexible based on need

One Time Gatherings

• An opportunity for new relationships to form within the Restoration community
• Group size has no limit, and several formats take place on a consistent basis


what do we value?

Community may take different shapes,
but there are common values that unite us.