This past Sunday, we started a new series called “Friended,” where we began dismantlingComparisonQuote the roadblocks that keep us from having authentic relationships. Whether you’re married, single, dating, or somewhere in between, we all need the tools to have real, lasting friendships. We began by looking at comparison – which threatens to kill our relationships before they ever grow. Below you’ll find links to the podcast, our Scriptures, and community questions to help you take the next steps.

Podcast: iTunes,
Scripture: John 21:15-22 NIV

Community Questions:

The average American has only one close friend, and over half say they have no one who knows them really well. Why do you think it’s so hard to make and maintain friendships in our cultural climate? What have been barriers to your friendships?

Comparison seeks to determine our value next to others, leading to either pride or despair as we seeking to find our identity compared to others. Can you think of a time when you’ve sought to find your identity through other people? How did it make you feel in the long run?

We can’t love our neighbor while simultaneously comparing ourselves to them. Imagine how your relationships and interactions would be different if you lived fully from an identity and value in Jesus. How might you be freed to love them better?

Put In Practice

Take some time to think through your friendships and relationships you encounter through the week. Where you you see insecurity popping up in the form of pride or despair? Take these emotions and feelings to Jesus and ask him to deepen your experience of identity in Him that you may love more fully.