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Read: Luke 2:8-12, 22:24-27

Deeper Conversation

Community is about relationship. Take time to listen to and engage in one another’s stories.

As you think about our broader culture, what do you see as our posture towards those in power? What are the positives and negatives of this posture?

Jesus makes it clear that true power comes through service and sacrifice. What is an example of servant leadership that’s impacted your life? 

Engaging The Scriptures

Read Luke 2:8-12, 22:24-27

In Luke 2, shepherds were the messengers of the gospel, in spite of being the least in their society. What does God’s choice in messengers tell you about the kingdom he is bringing?

In Luke 22, the leaders Jesus criticized led through having domineering power over people. What are some examples you’ve seen of this type of leadership? powerless

In Luke 22, Jesus says he is among us as one who serves. How have your experienced the presence of God through serving others?

Practicing Together

Serve Like Jesus

If Jesus is “among us as one who serves,” then one of the clearest ways we both see and share Jesus is through sacrificial acts of serving others. This week,  ask God to show you opportunities where you can take the role of a servant instead of being served. When you see opportunities, step out and serve like Jesus!