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Community is about relationship. Take time to listen to and engage in one another’s stories.

Deeper Conversation

In our culture, commitments are often seen as limiting our freedoms.  How does living a rootless life impact our spiritual health?

In our fast-paced society, slowing down and being present is a discipline that we desperately need. Be honest – at what speed are you currently living? Are you hectic? Rushed? Exhausted?

Engage The Scriptures

Read Jeremiah 29:4-13

Homes, gardens, and families have one thing in common – they take time! What role does patience play in experiencing God’s mission in our lives?

God ties the prosperity (shalom) of his people to that of those who brought them into captivity. What does this speak about God’s mission for our lives?

We are promised hope and a future… yet not a way out of exile. How does hope transform not just our future, but our present?

Practice Together

Pray For Your Neighborhood And City. Part of the command of God for his people in exile was not just seeking shalom for their city – but praying for it. As you spend time with God in prayer this week, make a point to pray for your city and neighborhood. Ask God to help you see it with His eyes. Ask Him to give you opportunities to be the hands and feet of shalom!