Through this season of dealing with the coronavirus crisis in our country, we’ll be posting resources every Sunday online for you, your family, and friends to stay connected in worship in our community.

Read This Week’s Scripture: Romans 5:1-4, 1 Peter 5:6-10


How Can We Pray For You?

Even though we’re not gathering together as a community, we’d still love to pray with you about any needs you have. Fill out a Connect Card.


Give Online

Even in the midst of chaos and fear, we reject scarcity and live from abundance. Your generosity makes our community possible, and also continues our efforts to serve the needs of our community around us. Click here to give online!


Field Guide For Troubled Times: How To Grow Hope

Community Questions

  1. Hope is a vision of the future that brings meaning and inspires action in the present. What future hope for your own life is changing the way you see your present life? How are you preparing for it?
  2. Character is built through consistency. Who are some of the clearest examples of character in your life? Who are the men and women who’ve shown you what consistent faith, hope, and love look like?
  3. Character grows out of perseverance – the patient endurance of faith through struggles. Looking back on your faith journey, what have you persevered through? What did that season of patient endurance produce in your faith?
  4. In “Man’s Search For Meaning,” Viktor Frankl points out that “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” In this season of suffering, what is your “why?” What foundational hope for the future is sustaining you through the struggle?

Community Practice

Celebrate! Romans 5 tells us to rejoice in our suffering. It may seem counterintuitive, but because we know God is growing hope in the midst of our struggle, we can defiantly celebrate his goodness in the midst of it all. This week, find a way to celebrate the goodness of God. Maybe it’s a Zoom party with friends, a dance party in the kitchen, or enjoying your favorite meal from a local restaurant. Whatever you choose, intentionally press into the joy of God’s goodness to you – and let it all out!

Other Resources For Growth

You Version Bible App – online Bible and tons of reading plans
The Bible Project – videos, podcasts, and resources that help you understand and study the Bible
Daily Prayer App – a resource to guide your daily Scripture and prayer
Storied Narrative Lectionary – videos designed to help immerse you in the big story of the Bible
Prayer Course – an amazing free resource that helps you learn what prayer is – and how to do it


Restoration Kids Resources

During our time without gatherings, we hope to still provide you with resources for discipling your kids. Click below to find resources together.

This Week’s Kid Resources



Weekly Newsletter

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