On Earth As It Is In Heaven | Death Defying Joy

Suffering is a reality. It's not a matter of *if* we'll walk through the fire, but rather what will be left on the other side? 1 Peter 1 is a weighty, hard-fought hope that weary people like us desperately need to remember time and again. (1 Peter 1:3-9)

On Earth As It Is In Heaven | A Higher Allegiance

Peter continually calls the early Christians “exiles.” Foreigners. Strangers. Rome might be their address, but it’s not their identity. Like the early Church, we too have a higher allegiance – and a deeper hope.

Trinity Sunday | A Holy Mess

When you hear the word “worship,” what do you think of? Our American Church culture has often reduced worship to a product to consume, but when we look at the Scriptures, we find something far more compelling: a response to the God who is changing us from the inside...

Pentecost | The God At Work Among Us

Pentecost is the celebration of the Holy Spirit indwelling and empowering the Church. And while this supernatural event speaks to how we relate to and partner with God, it also speaks to what kind of community we seek – a community where the walls between us fall –...

Special Message | Naming Our Next Step

It’s hard to know where you are going if you don’t know where you are. In this message, Justin shares that while our journeys of faith are never identical, there are common stages we often share. We might not be in the same place or be moving at the same pace, but we...

Eastertide | The Anatomy Of Obedience

The word “obedience” means something radically different depending on how you understand the character of God. Is it a transaction to appease a distant diety… or an invitation to joy with a friend? It’s a difference we need to know. (John 15:9-17)

Eastertide | Becoming A Church Known By Love

Love is not reduced to shallow sentimentalities in the New Testament. At ground level, the church was grappling with their resurrection reality and learning to love another with the love they now knew in Jesus. Today, our task is the same.

Eastertide | How Does God Speak To Us?

“God told me __________.” When a sentence begins like that, it rightfully can make people… nervous. Do we believe that God still speaks to us today? Yes! But how can learn to discern and follow His voice without veering into unhealthy and unhelpful patterns of...

Eastertide | Relearning The Bible With Jesus

You can know the Bible backwards and forwards – but still completely miss the point. One of Jesus’ first post-resurrection acts was helping his disciples unlearning what they thought they knew about the Bible so they could see it with new eyes. The good news is, He’s...

Eastertide | Belonging When Believing Is Hard

Doubt can be a scary, isolating feeling. It touches not only what we believe, but how we belong. So what do we do when we’re wrestling with our questions? In this week’s message, we examine the story of Thomas, a man whose steadfast faith in the midst of his doubt is...

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