Eastertide | How Does God Speak To Us?

“God told me __________.” When a sentence begins like that, it rightfully can make people… nervous. Do we believe that God still speaks to us today? Yes! But how can learn to discern and follow His voice without veering into unhealthy and unhelpful patterns of...

Eastertide | Relearning The Bible With Jesus

You can know the Bible backwards and forwards – but still completely miss the point. One of Jesus’ first post-resurrection acts was helping his disciples unlearning what they thought they knew about the Bible so they could see it with new eyes. The good news is, He’s...

Eastertide | Belonging When Believing Is Hard

Doubt can be a scary, isolating feeling. It touches not only what we believe, but how we belong. So what do we do when we’re wrestling with our questions? In this week’s message, we examine the story of Thomas, a man whose steadfast faith in the midst of his doubt is...

Easter | The Gardener

Mary Magdalene is lost in her grief – so lost that she fails to recognize Jesus right in the middle of it. This is the hope of the resurrection when we feel lost: the risen Jesus meets us in the ordinary – where he’s making everything new.

Palm Sunday | The Freedom Of Forgiveness

Jesus draws a straight line between our experience of forgiveness and our ability to love. This week, we’re giving our attention to one of the quieter events of Holy Week – a story about the freedom we find in forgiveness.

Lent | The God at the end of your rope.

Psalm 51 is a cry of a desperate man. David had run his life and reputation into the ground, and he found himself broken before God. We, too, may find ourselves confronted by the weight of our choices, unable to manage the shame we feel. So what do we do in these...

Lent | Saved By ___________ ?

Grace is not just something we receive, but something we participate in. In this message, our Student Pastor Casey shares from Ephesians 2 and the reality of grace in our journey with Jesus. 

Special Message | Women And The Church

What is the role of women in the Church? It’s been hotly debated for centuries in the Church. A few difficult passages in the New Testament seem to support a secondary, diminished role for women… but is that what the Bible truly teaches? In this message, Justin shares...

Lent | A Cruciformed Life

How do we understand the meaning of the cross for this life, and not just our afterlife? In this message, Justin shares about how the cross is not simply the means of our salvation, it's the model for our life with Jesus.

Lent | Don’t Waste The Wilderness

As we come to the first Sunday of #Lent, we begin the wilderness - a place of scarcity and isolation. We all find ourselves lost from time to time in a spiritual desert. But what if this isn’t a detour, but rather the road we were always meant to take with Jesus? 

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