Special Message: How Do We Lead A Church?

This week, we took an opportunity to talk about how we're working to build a healthy, growing culture as a Church. You'll hear from our elders about how we're seeking God for our future together. (Titus 1:7-9)

Pentecost | Catching Our Breath

In John 20, Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit into His disciples, and the Church is born. Discipleship in light of Pentecost, then, is learning to breathe again - joining Jesus in His mission, in His power, and at His pace. (John 20:19-23)

Eastertide | Hope For The Harder Days

It's when - not if - we'll walk through suffering. But while we may not know the fullness of "why" we experience suffering in our lives, we can know this to be true: God never wastes it. (1 Peter 4-5)

Eastertide | Is That Really God?

In Acts 17, Paul is confronted by the idols of Athens. As we ponder his missionary journey, we ponder our own idols - and how we see what God is truly like in Jesus. 

Eastertide | Seeing The Bible Through Jesus

Two disciples walk away from Jerusalem, disappointed and disillusioned. They had the right Jesus, but the wrong story. And as He does with us, Jesus walks with them, helping them unlearn and relearn everything they thought they knew about Jesus. (Luke 24:13-35)

Baptism Sunday

In this special message, you'll hear what we believe about baptism, why it matters, and hear a powerful testimony of God's restoring love. 

Easter | The Scars Of Resurrection

Jesus' resurrection scars are an invitation to see our own in light of the empty tomb - and know that nothing is beyond the scope of restoration. (John 20:24-28)

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