In this season where our Church is unable to gather as a whole family for worship, we’re seeking to equip our Restoration family for God’s work among them – right where they are. That’s what Home Church is all about: giving you tools to gather with community groups or other believers (*safely* in person or online) for a shared experience of worship with the whole Restoration family. Below, you’ll find three movements of worship together: Worship (praise and prayer), Word (opening the Scriptures), and Witness (talking it out and living it out. So whether with a community group or a friend or two, let’s worship together!


As we make our way through the story of God, we are prioritizing the discipleship of our children through our Family Worship Guide each week! Each week, you’ll find questions, activitives, and other fun stuff that follows along with the same passages as the adults. Join us!

Family Worship Guide:
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Worship is the continual process of orienting our hearts around that which we value most. Each Sunday, we worship in song and prayer to offer our hearts and allegience to Jesus, who alone is worthy of our praise. In your Home Churches, we encourage worship through the use of the video below or by worship in person. If you cannot participate through song in your group, spend time answering this question:


What do I have to praise God for this week?

Prayer for the week:

Faithful God,

Every day we are faced with an onslaught of manipulation and competing stories. So often, we grow weary. So often, we stray and wander. Strengthen us with your Spirit, oh God. May we live as the light of this world, unshaken like Daniel, and stand firm in the face of adversity. You alone, Jesus, are worthy of glory. You alone weave the grand tapestry of our lives. You give purpose and meaning through cross-shaped love. May we be people of this embodied promise, aligning ourselves fully with the upside down and inside out Kingdom of God. Every day, increase our longing to immerse ourselves in your story.


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This Week’s Scripture: Daniel 6:1-28

Whether among your community group or a few friends over Zoom, we want to challenge you to move beyond just knowledge and information and into practicing the way of Jesus in your everyday life! But we do this together. Below you’ll find some questions to discuss, as well as next steps for living it out!

Studying The Scriptures Together

  1. 1 Peter 2:11 calls us “foreigners and exiles,” a people whose primary citizenship is found in the kingdom of God. How might we make our kingdom identity central while also being good citizens of the country in which we live?
  2. In Daniel 6:10, Daniel’s response to the threat of his life was to continue his practice of prayer. Can you think of a moment in your spiritual journey where prayer anchored you through a trying time?
  3. We are surrounded by voices that are competing for our allegiance. What would you name as some of the most prominant voices that compete with the vision of Jesus and call us away from our identity and allegiance?
  4. The temptation to compromise for the sake of his safety was likely strong for Daniel, yet he trusted God with the consequences of his obedience. What are some of the ways you feel tempted to compromise in the face of fear? How might we anchor ourselves in God’s promise in these moments? 

Resources And Next Steps: