Following Jesus? It’s a community project.

 From Isolation To Community

Over the last two years, the pandemic has reminded us of a profoundly important truth: we were made for community. Connection. Encouragement. Support. And in the days ahead, we’re committed to helping as many people as possible step out of isolation and into meaningful relationships that can help them grow.

Different Shapes Of Community

Even though we’re passionate about connecting everyone into community, we know this doesn’t look the same for everyone. We have 2 types of groups: ONGOING GROUPS and SEASONAL GROUPS.

Home Churches:
Ongoing communities (usually 8 to 20) that meet in homes, apartments, parks – and everywhere in between – for meals, conversation, study, and prayer. These groups meet at least twice a month, and most are kid friendly!

DNA Groups
Smaller, ongoing groups (usually 2-5) that meet for intentional encouragement, accountability, and intentional discipleship. They can meet anywhere, and typically meet at least twice a month.

Bible Studies
Temporary, seasonal groups focused on a particular book or theological study with the focus on growing in knowledge and obedience. These can meet online, in person, and can be small or large!

Topical Studies
Temporary, seasonal groups focused on a variety of topics (racial justice, enneagram, men’s or women’s study, etc.) that help you learn more and connect with others doing the same!

Different shapes, same goal.

It comes down to one word: discipleship.

In whatever form community takes, our aim is to learn to follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. Together, we share four constistent values that guide us:

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