Discipleship isn’t a curriculum or collection of information we consume. It’s a life-on-life, honest journey with Jesus through the everyday stuff of life. DNA Groups are designed to bring discipleship into the ordinary – a smaller, relational environment of where we learn to recognize and respond to what God is doing in our story. Here’s what you need to know:

  • DNA Groups exist on a foundation of mutual trust, respect, and confidentiality.
  • The focus of a DNA Group is forming deep, spiritual friendships that help us grow in our walk with Christ. 
  • With a focus on going deeper with one another, we treat our time together as a sacred space to share in one another’s lives.

How does a DNA Group meet?

When it comes to your group, consistency and intentionality is key. A healthy group should plan to meet for one hour weekly. You may meet in person, via Zoom, via phone, or in whatever format is agreed upon by all group members.

      In order to grow together, we need shared practices and commitments that guide our time together. Here are some helpful helplines as you plan to gather as a group:

      • Respect the clock, sharing within 15-20 minutes.
      • The goal isn’t “right” answers to questions. It’s vulnerability and intentionality in sharing our story.
      • Please do not give advice or interrupt.
      • The Holy Spirit is our one true guide and advocate. Listen to the Spirit during this time.
      • Have empathy. We are called to bless, encourage, and build up one another. Have compassionate curiosity toward yourself and others, rather than pity or judgment.
      • When someone shares a secret, thank them for their courage. When someone confesses a sin, speak the Good News of Christ’s forgiveness over them.
      • This group is confidential. Do not share what a person has said outside of this group, unless someone is being harmed or is in danger of harming themselves or another.

      Group Questions + Starters

      1. Share a kairos moment from the last week.

      (Learn more about Kairos here)

      2. How is your soul? 

      Opening & Closing:

      Please consider opening and closing with a short prayer, to simply mark this time as set apart and focus your hearts. Below are examples you may use.

      Opening Prayer: Ephesians 3:14-19, or:
      Holy Spirit, we are listening. As we share in this time, make us present to you and present to one another. Be our faithful guide. Help us to grow in love as we walk with one another. Amen.

      Closing Prayer: Ephesians 3:20-21, or:
      God of love, thank you for your presence in our midst. Thank you for everything that has been shared here in this sacred space. Fill us with courage and compassion as we go from here. Amen.