You’ve probably seen the signs and the spray-paint lettering around downtown: UNLEARN FEAR + HATE. The phrase comes from a poem called “Love Letter To The World” by local poet/activist Frank X. Walker. It’s become a kind of rallying cry for communities in and around Lexington. Unlearning fear and hate? That’s something we can get behind!

So why unlearn? In order to receive and live a new way, we have to unlearn old habits and mindsets. For instance, if I’m trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, I’m not simply adding different practices like exercise and healthy eating. I’m also unlearning the patterns and places that led me to eat poorly and lead a sedentary life. I’m learning a new way of living and unlearning the old way.

All growth and change is a process of both learning and unlearning. This is especially true of our spiritual lives. Over and over again in the Sermon on the Mount, we hear Jesus say, “You’ve heard that it was said,” followed by “But I tell you…

His invitation is simple. You’ve heard a lot about God, about faith, about religion, and about reality, but with His arrival, we’re being invited to rethink everything we thought we knew in light of Him. Being a disciple of Jesus is the process of unlearning and relearning everything about our lives in light of Him. It is a journey we commit to walk in our whole lives.

When we understand this, we come to the realization that we all have a LOT to unlearn. That’s what our new series, Unlearn, is all about! We want to unlearn fear and hate like others in our city, along with a lot of other things.

The question is: what do you need to unlearn? This weekend is all about unlearning what we thought we knew about God – and rethinking everything in light of the One in who all of his fullness dwells (Col. 1:19): Jesus.

This is a GREAT opportunity to invite a friend along. So bring them along Sunday night, and we’ll see you there!