What is a City Group?

City Groups are our expression of community at Restoration. We believe Church is far more than an hour on Sundays, and we desire to see every person in our Church get connected in life-giving community and mission. That’s what City Groups are for – connecting in relationships with others, sharing meals, and joining God on mission in a particular neighborhood, network, or need.

How Big?

Typically City Groups are made up of 15 to 30 people. They are small enough to know and care for one another, but big enough to make an impact as a group around a certain mission. Some groups may be bigger or smaller, but that’s the target range.

When/How Often Do They Meet?

This too varies, but all City Groups will be meet at least twice a month. Some meet 3 or 4 weeks a month, depending on the rhythms of the community itself.

What Happens At A City Group Gathering?

City Groups typically gather around a meal. We hold this practice to be important to build community and a common bond. These meals usually operate in a potluck style and vary based on the host and needs of the group. Beyond a meal, some weeks City Groups may have conversations around Scripture, a book, or a certain topic around which they are seeking to be good news. Other weeks, the group’s time is simply centered on getting to know one another, sharing our stories, and having fun. Some weeks may be around serving the needs of the mission they’ve been called to.

How Does A City Group Determine Their Mission?

A City Group’s mission centers on one question: how can we be good news to our city? Within the relationships of a City Group, what are open doors and opportunities to make a kingdom impact? As a City Group discovers these opportunities, they prayerfully move forward in seeking to make an impact. Because of an emphasis on relationship, City Groups are consistent, serving that neighborhood, network, or need regularly to continue building a loving relationship.

How Do City Groups Start?

City Groups grow out of City Groups. As new relationships are forged and new needs are realized, City Groups multiply to see more of God’s love grow throughout our city. This happens naturally as God grows and empowers people to live on mission together.

Who Can Lead And/Or Host A City Group?

We see City Group leaders as committed followers of Jesus who are committed to the mission of Restoration, have a clear mission and vision for what God is leading them to, and relationships ready to join them in this mission. As far as City Group hosts, if you have a home big enough to hold a group and have a heart for hospitality, you are qualified!

How Can I Get Connected? 

There are currently 3 City Groups, with others beginning over the next year.  Most meet every other week, so shoot an email to the contact person for directions and info about when and where they are meeting. We are excited to get you connected, so don’t hesitate to inquire about what the group is all about!

Tuesday Nights 
Youth Development City Group

Where: Wallace House
When: 6pm-8:30pm
Details: It’s Taco night! If you wanna bring something taco related, feel free if you can!
Contact for more info: Adrian

Tuesday Nights
Chevy Chase City Group

Where: various places
When: 6pm-8:00pm
Details: First meeting! Talking about group purpose, plans together
Contact for more info: Bryan

Thursday Nights
Downtown Impact City Group

Where: various homes
When: 6pm-8:00pm
Details: Firepit, grilling out, music. If you can bring some meat to grill, feel free if you can!
Contact for more info: Justin