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Read: Luke 17:11-19

Deeper Conversations

Community is about relationship. Take time to listen to and engage in one another’s stories.

Can you think of a time in your life where an expression of gratitude impacted your relationship with someone for the better? Share this story.

Gratitude may not change our circumstances, but it can how we see our circumstances.  As you consider your life, where do you need to allow gratitude to shift your perspective?

Engaging The Scriptures

Read Luke 17:11-19

Jesus’ encounter with the lepers was a “sidetrack” moment from where he was already headed. How have you experiences God’s activity in your life in what otherwise would have been a distraction?

As the lepers went, they were healed. What does this act of faith from the lepers teach us about obedience and transformation? 

One leper turned back, and Jesus said his faith saved him. What did this leper experience that the others didn’t

Practicing Together

Say Thank You.

There’s power in expressing gratitude. When we open ourselves up to the gifts of God all around us, a grateful heart overflows with thanks – not just towards God, but towards other people. This week, make a point to express gratitude to someone who has been a blessing to you. Words have power, and grateful words can change hearts.