Through this season of dealing with the coronavirus crisis in our country, we’ll be posting resources every Sunday online for you, your family, and friends to stay connected in worship in our community.

This Week’s Scripture: Psalm 27


How Can We Pray For You?

Even though we’re not gathering together as a community, we’d still love to pray with you about any needs you have. Fill out a Connect Card.


Give Online

Even in the midst of chaos and fear, we reject scarcity and live from abundance. Your generosity makes our community possible, and also continues our efforts to serve the needs of our community around us. Click here to give online!


Message: When Words Fail Week 2: Defiant Hope (Psalm 27)

Community Questions

  1. It’s a natural response in times like these to find an escape from the craziness that surrounds us. What are your go to “escapes” in times like this? Where are you prone to stay too long when the going gets tough?
  2. A stronghold is a strategic place of strength in the battle – a position not only of protection, but a place to fight back. How has God been (a) a place of rest in this season and (b) the place where you’ve found strength to fight back?
  3. When we run from the battle, we’re running from God. As the battles rage both inside and outside of us, how have you seen God at work in your life in spite of your circumstances?
  4. There is power in naming the enemies that we face – and then bringing those enemies before the God who fights for us. What enemy are you facing now? Anxiety? Fear? Loneliness? Depression? Take a moment and ask God to be your stronghold within this season. Ask him to fight for you and with you!


Community Practice

Give Courage. The word encourage literally means to “give courage.” In a time of isolation and fear, we need the encouraging words of our brothers and sisters in Christ more than ever. This week, be intentional about reaching out to and speaking life into 3-5 people in your life. Ask them about the battles they are facing. If you feel comfortable, pray for them. Together, we can not only rely on the strength of God in our battles, but the strength of one another.



Restoration Kids Resources

During our time without gatherings, we hope to still provide you with resources for discipling your kids. Click below to find resources together.

Kids Lessons for 3.29.20

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