The opioid crisis in our country is staggering, and Kentucky is certainly feeling the brunt of the epidemic. Right across the street from the Lyric Theatre, you’ll find the front lines of the battle against addiction in our state in the UK Polk Dalton Clinic. This clinic specifically serves mothers and children impacted by addiction, and is the only clinic of its kind in the state.

That’s where Pampering PATHways comes in. The PATHways program at the Polk Dalton Clinic integrates evidence-based knowledge through a comprehensive approach to treating opioid abuse, offering a drug treatment for opioid use disorders, treatment and care for babies who are born withdrawing from drugs, peer support and education, legal support, prenatal and post-natal health services for mother and baby, and health system navigation during delivery. This program supports mothers and babies in every way to help them overcome addiction and live healthy and restored lives.

How Can We Help?

“Take Care Totes”

We reached out to the clinic about how we might serve – and God opened a big door!  Restoration will gather every other month to put together 30 “Take Care Totes” full of essential baby items for the PATHways Program. 15 Take Care Totes will be delivered to the clinic every month for the Nurses and Doctors to distribute when a Mom delivers. If a Mom is choosing adoption, we will put together a “Post-natal Pamper Tote” to thank the Mom for the gift of life. 

Baby Showers

Restoration Women will throw a baby shower for all ladies in the program every quarter. We will serve lunch & cake, raffle items, and distribute small encouragement gifts, as well as spend time getting to know those who attend. 

If you’d like to donate registry items, volunteer for a shower, donate raffle items, donate catering/floral services, etc. – please visit the ministry website for up-to-date information!

Have questions or want to learn more about what’s involved? Email us here!