This past Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day by looking at what it means to be a man. There’s a ton of toxic, unhealthy versions of manhood we’re presented with every day. But Jesus serves as our picture of authentic manhood, living lives defined not by climbing the ladder, but taking up our cross. Below you’ll find links to the podcast, Scripture, and community questions to help you take the next step!

Podcast: iTunes,
Scripture: Genesis 1:26-28, John 13:1-5

Community Questions:

The world is full of toxic ideas about manhood. Both passivity and domination are distortions of the power and purpose inherent within men. As you look in our culture – entertainment, government, even the church – where have you seen examples of these distorted versions of manhood?

Jesus is the picture of manhood – redefining and restoring our power and purpose. How is Jesus as our example of manhood different from the typical expressions of manhood we are offered in the world around us?

Jesus doesn’t deny his power (passivity) or abuse his power (domination), but rather uses it to lay down his life for us (service). Who has been an example in your own life of laying down their lives for the sake of others?

Put In Practice

They probably won’t say it, but men need encouragement. They are pulled in many different directions on a daily basis, and living from their power and purpose to serve can be difficult. Encourage a man in your life – husband, dad, brother, friend, co-worker – and pray for them. They need it!