This past Sunday, we continued our “Simple Gospel” series by looking in Galatians 4 and the End of Religion. Do all religions lead to God? It’s popular to make this assertion, but our believe might shock you: no religions lead to God, even the “Christian” ones. Instead, God came to us. This is the good news! Check out the podcast, scripture, and community questions below to help you take the next step!

Podcast: iTunes,
Scripture: Galatians 4:8-20

Community Questions:

Religion is about changing the outside of our lives in order to change us on the inside. The Gospel, however, is a change of heart that leads to a changed life. How do these two competing understandings look different as we live them out?

It’s a common belief that all religions lead to God. But if religion is performing rules to find God or attain salvation, no religion leads to God. Christianity, at it’s heart, is not a religion! If this is true, how does it change your perception of faith in God? How would this lead to a different kind of life?

Read Romans 8:9-11. Instead of a life defined by our ability to live up to the standards of the law, the Spirit of God lives in us -empowering us to become more and more like Jesus. How is a life driven by living up to the law and a life driven by the indwelling Spirit of God different?