This past Sunday, our Simple Gospel series continued by looking at Galatians 3, where Paul continues his argument against the empty, performance-driven religion that plagued the Galatian Church. They had been taught that being right with God meant obeying all of the Jewish laws, yet Jesus – through his life, death, and resurrection – has become a new law for us that is founded in faith. From now on, obedience looks like loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Check out the podcast, Scripture, and community questions below!


Podcast: iTunes,
Scripture: Galatians 3:1-14

Community Questions:

A lot of the language in Galatians centers on the idea of righteousness, which means in “right relationship with God.” Beyond giving the “correct theological answer, what do you see as the most prominent understanding in our culture of how we get “right with God?”

In Matthew 22, Jesus tells us that the summation of the entire law is loving God and loving our neighbor. How does this shift the way you understand the rules and guidelines you see in the Bible?

In Matthew 5, Jesus tells us that he’s not arrived to get rid of the law, but rather to be its fulfillment. Jesus keeps the law on our behalf and takes the curse of the law upon himself on the cross. If this is true, how should be approach obedience to God differently?