Jesus had the biggest mission in history, and yet he lived an unhurried, un-anxious life confident in God’s presence and work all around him. As his disciples, the same kind of unhurriedlife is available to us. That’s why this past Sunday’s message was all about – check out the podcast, Scripture, and Next Step Questions below!

Podcast: iTunes, Direct Link
Scripture: John 5:17-23



Next Step Questions

The Celtic people talked about thin places – places where heaven and earth seemed to touch in transcendence. Where are the places you’ve experienced that give you a sense of the presence of God?

Jesus is where heaven and earth meet… and His Spirit dwells in us. What are the implications for our spiritual lives when we live out our calling as “a people of the Presence?”

Jesus lived an unhurried, un-anxious life confident that God was always present and at work in love. If you knew this to be true, how might your life and spiritual posture be different?