This past Sunday, we closed out our “Love Your Neighborhood” series with a challenge to love our neighbor in the most unlikely places of our ordinary lives. What if loving our neighbor was less about adding something else to our already busy schedule and more about being intentional with the life God already gave us? That’s what hospitality – the posture of love – is all about. Podcast, Scripture, questions – it’s all below.

Podcast: iTunes,
Scripture: Romans 12:9-13

Next Step Questions

Hospitality is the posture of love.  What do you think of when you hear the word hospitality? Who has been the best example of hospitality in your life?

The most impactful tool we have in loving our neighbors and loving our neighborhoods is our ordinary lives. Do you struggle to see God’s movement in the ordinary, mundane parts of your life? How would things changed if you trusted His presence in every moment – even the unremarkable ones?

Who might God be calling you to have over for dinner?