How do we love in a world where we feel unsettled, disenchanted, and discontent? In Jeremiah’s letter to the Jewish exiles in Babylon, he gives them a vision – not of escaping their circumstances, but to put down roots and be present, seeking the good of their city.
Here’s the podcast, Scripture, and community questions to help you take the next step!

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Scripture: Jeremiah 29:4-11

Next Step Questions

Life often brings us to places where we feel exiled – dislocated, uncomfortable, and unsettled. Can you think of a season in your life where you experienced this?

Shalom is more than peace – it’s wholeness and completeness in our lives. What are the places in your neighborhood, school, city, etc. where you see a need for shalom to be made manifest?

Jesus became like us, stepping into our brokenness and need. In your life right now, where do you need Jesus to be present with you?