This past Sunday we were excited to welcome Marcus Patrick, director of Urban Impact, to share some of his story, as well as the exciting work ahead at the soon to open Woodhill Community Center. He spoke from Isaiah 61 – showing us how it’s the 31531718_10103039575558493_5847087795813744640_nrecipients of the good news are the ones who will build the future. Our job? To empower them. Below you’ll find links to our Scriptures, the podcast of his message, and community questions to help you put the good news in practice.
Scripture: Isaiah 61
Podcast: iTunes,

Community Questions:

Isaiah 61 makes it clear – if it’s not good news for the marginalized among us (the poor, the prisoner, the brokenhearted), it’s not good news. When you consider the message of Jesus, how does it profoundly impact the least of these among us?

In the middle of verse 3, the subject abruptly changes from me to they. The recipients of the good news become the very people who are empowered to rebuild our world with it. What’s the difference between helping the marginalized and empowering the marginalized to be good news themselves?

In Luke 4:14-30, Jesus reads this passage as a mission statement for his ministry that’s about to begin – asserting that he is the fulfillment of these promises. How is Jesus and the kingdom he is bringing the embodiment of Isaiah’s promise so long ago?

Put In Practice

When you consider the city of Lexington, where do you see the people described in Isaiah 61 – the poor, the brokenhearted, the prisoner, and the outcast? Pray about how God might use you – your time, resources, influence – to impact and empower them.