Due to technical difficulties, our message from Kaleb Heitzman didn’t record this past Sunday. But never fear! Instead, Justin sat down with Kaleb to talk about how to understand our passage in John 6 through the lens of story. In our “I Am” series, we’re learning to see God’s character and purpose in Jesus, and in this conversation, we talk about how story helps us know Jesus in ways that facts and bullet points can’t touch.

Next Step Questions

1. The “bread of life” story points back to the Israelites in the desert learning to trust God for their daily manna (bread). How have you struggled to trust God’s care and provision in your life?

2. How would you describe your own “spiritual hunger” in this season of your life? Are you satisfied with where you are? What stirs a deeper hunger for God in your life?

Practice: Meeting Jesus In the Gospel of John:

As a part of our “I Am” series, we’re journeying through the Gospel of John together (see weekly reading plan on other side). Read the daily Scriptures and ask 3 questions: (1) What does this say about God? (2) What does this say about me? (3) How might I live in response to this reality?