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(Due to technical difficulties, sermon was not recorded. Instead, Justin shares a bit of his own story and a brief synopsis as well as the story of how Restoration was born.)


Read Luke 10:1-2, 1 Corinthians 3:1-9

In Luke 10, Jesus sent out his disciples with the expectation that God was going before them. How does this shift the way you live on mission with God?

Paul is speaking about maturity to believers who are missing the point. How would you describe Paul’s expectation of growth among the believers?

What are you depending on God to grow in your life? Where do you need to grow in dependance and expectation?


Practicing Restoration: 9 Practices To Pursue Jesus Together

As you look over the 9 practices we’re sharing as a community, share with the group what one practice you’re seeking to grow in this year – and why.

Spend daily time abiding in the presence of God through Scripture and Prayer.

Spend weekly time in Sabbath rest celebrating and enjoying the abundance of God.

Regularly attend Sunday gatherings for worship, learning from the Scriptures, and Communion.

Gather regularly in a community group to share a meal, share my story, and grow in faith.

Regularly connect with 1-2 friends to be vulnerable through confession, repentance, and encouragement.

Serve the greater community through volunteering my gifts and talents to serve.

Practice hospitality through welcoming others into my home and rhythms of life.

Share my story of faith with gentleness and respect with others who are not followers of Jesus.

Use my resources to help serve and equip the poor and vulnerable in my community.