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Read: Matthew 18:1-5, Luke 8:42-48

Deeper Conversation

Community is about relationship. Take time to listen to and engage in one another’s stories.

Real faith is embodied trust in the promises of God. How is this different from understanding faith as simply a set of beliefs we hold about God?

There is a difference between knowing about God and having faith in God. In what ways do you struggle to connect what you believe in your head with a lived, embodied act of trust? 

Engaging The Scriptures

Read Matthew 18:1-5, Luke 8:42-48

In Matthew 18, Jesus challenges his disciples to become like a child in order to enter the kingdom. What does he means by this?

In Matthew 18, Jesus connects humility to the expression of childlike faith. How does humility impact our expression of embodied trust? childlike

In Luke 8, the crowd is pressing into Jesus, but only the woman’s touch was an act of faith. What’s the difference between being a fan of Jesus and putting faith in Jesus?

Practicing Together

Stepping Out In Faith

Instead of simply being a set of beliefs, faith is an embodied act of trust. As you spend time in prayer this week, ask God to show you how to put what you believe in action. Maybe it’s a conversation you’ve been prompted to have, or sharing your faith story with a friend. Maybe it’s giving up something to better focus on God. Whatever it is, move from faith to action!