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Reflection Questions

  1. God is always present and at work in our lives – even in the ordinary, mundane places where we least expect him. As you look over the last couple of months, what do you see God growing in you? How are you longing to see more growth in your life?
  2. The Corinthian Church showed their immaturity by being consumers – and Paul was calling them to being producers. How would you describe the difference between being a spiritual consumer and a spiritual producer? What are some of the differences?
  3. In verse 9, Paul says that we – the Church – are God’s field… God’s building. What are some of the ways that the growth in your life has blessed others. And likewise, how has what God is growing in others around you made an impact on you?
  4. When God grows people, he grows them together. How would you assess your level of genuine community and connection right now? Who are they people that God has planted you with to grow? What hindrances keep you from a deeper level of connection?

Community Practice

Encouragement. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 reminds us to “encourage one another and build each other up.” The word encourage literally means to give courage, and in times like these, our words have the power to strengthen people for the battles they face. This week, be intentional about speaking life and encouragement into the lives of those around you. In a tear-down world, build people up. Ask the Spirit to give you insight into who you need to speak a word of encouragement to this week!

Other Resources For Growth

You Version Bible App – online Bible and tons of reading plans
The Bible Project – videos, podcasts, and resources that help you understand and study the Bible
Daily Prayer App – a resource to guide your daily Scripture and prayer
Storied Narrative Lectionary – videos designed to help immerse you in the big story of the Bible
Prayer Course – an amazing free resource that helps you learn what prayer is – and how to do it