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Reflection Questions

  1. The primary expression of the Church in the New Testament is oikos – the extended family. When you look out on o=your life, who forms your extended spiritual family at Restoration and beyond? What are some of the ways you’ve experience family during this current crisis?
  2. To be holy means to be set apart for a divine purpose in the world. What are some of the ways Christians should be set apart fro mthe world around them? How can we do this without pride and superiority?
  3. Jesus fully embodied God’s holiness throughout his sinless life. And yet… those seen as most unholy in his world seemed irresistibly drawn to him. How might we, as Jesus’ disciples, be both distinctive and welcoming in our posture towards the world?
  4. It’s one thing to embody the “family resemblance” to Jesus in the world to the world as individuals… but how might we do this as a family? What are some of the ways that our lives together – as extended families of faith – might be a sign of the kingdom to the world around us?

Community Practice

Share Your Story. 1 Peter 3:15-16 tell us to be prepared to share how – and why – the hope we have has changed our lives. This week, share your faith journey with someone. Maybe it’s just part of the journey. Maybe it’s the story of how you came to faith in Jesus. Either way, either in person, via phone or text, or over social media, share the story of your hope in Jesus with someone. Our restoration stories have power!

Other Resources For Growth

You Version Bible App – online Bible and tons of reading plans
The Bible Project – videos, podcasts, and resources that help you understand and study the Bible
Daily Prayer App – a resource to guide your daily Scripture and prayer
Storied Narrative Lectionary – videos designed to help immerse you in the big story of the Bible
Prayer Course – an amazing free resource that helps you learn what prayer is – and how to do it