Church is not a building. Church is not a service. Church is people. Church is family.

Understanding this is at the heart of our mission at Restoration. If we truly are a community that is about restoring people who restore the world, then we’ll be experiencing this all week long – not just for an hour on Sunday.

So how do we experience restoration throughout the week? We do so through meaningful, intentional relationships that move beyond the crowd into real community that encourages, challenges, and equips us. At Restoration, we have 2 primary expressions of this kind of community – City Groups and DNA Groups.

City Groups

The heart of City Groups is right in the name: our city. Jeremiah 29:4-7 tells us to pray for and seek the good of our city, because if it prospers, we prosper. City Groups are a community of around 15-30 people who rally around a particular neighborhood, network, or mission. Their heart is to be a family to that group or context, inviting people into the love of Jesus through shared meals, shared serving opportunities, and shared life.

City Groups typically will meet bi-weekly. They are designed to be safe places to invite others into our life together. One week might be a dinner party, another attending a fun event together, another serving a consistent local cause together.

Our vision is to see City Groups gathered around every neighborhood and network in downtown Lexington, saturating our city with the love and compassion of Jesus.

DNA Groups

If City Groups exist to reach outward to our community and city, DNA Groups exist to reach inward to intentional friendships and upward towards God. Discipleship is at the heart of our mission, and we believe this happens best in a small group of close relationships that encourage, challenge, and equip us to follow Jesus and be restored by him.

DNA Groups are typically 3-5 people of the same sex who meet bi-weekly (on the opposite weeks of their City Group) to do just that – be honest, be compassionate, and push one another in our restoration story.

How Do I Get Connected?

We want to see everyone who is a part of Restoration connected in meaningful, intentional relationships.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a list of our City Groups that will be launching throughout Lexington. We encourage members of City Groups to form DNA Groups from within their community, but DNA Groups can also form on their own outside this. If you’re interested in connecting with or leading a City Group or DNA Group, let us know