When the disciples heard Jesus say “give us this day our daily bread,” they were immediately reminded of an important time in Israel’s story. The people of God had been miraculously brought out of slavery and freed from the reign of Egypt, a moment that culminating in their crossing of the Red Sea. Let the celebration begin, right?

Well, the party didn’t last long. Freedom, it turned out, led them right into the desert. It wasn’t long before the complaining began – even longing for the days of enslavement where food was readily available. It was one thing to get the people out of slavery. It was something else to get the slavery out of the people. Their hearts had been formed in a world of enslavement, and shaking that mindset would take an act of God.

God’s response? He sends manna, a mysterious food they made into bread. But they had to gather it daily. Not too much, not enough for tomorrow (except for the Sabbath) – enough for today. In other words, daily bread. They were being led to learn daily dependence, a posture of heart that would break the chains of their enslaved souls.


This past Sunday, we talked about the slaveries we all need to be freed from, and how the prayer of daily dependence (“give us this day our daily bread”) frees us. This daily dependance moves us:

From Anxiety to Trust.
From Striving to Rest.
From Greed to Generosity.
From Scarcity to Abundance.

Join us Sunday night as our Prayer journey continues!