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You can have all the right answers, great theology, and be active in many capacities and in advancing the good in our world, but…

If you don’t know how to deal with the stuff of real life relationships in a healthy way, you’re likely going to do as much harm than good.

If we continue patterns of avoiding conflict, minimizing or mishandling our emotions, and forgetting how to have compassion in the mess, we will be doomed to cycles of unhealthy relationships.

The Bible says a lot about relationships – how we love, how we forgive, how we disagree, and how we learn to navigate the brokenness in between. It doesn’t shy away from the mess. Instead, it gives us a picture of grace that helps us navigate the difficult conversations with faith, hope, and love.

As we enter the holiday season, we’ll be spending time around the table with people who’ve hurt us, misunderstood us, and caused all sorts of mess in our lives. So how will we handle it? How might Jesus work in and through the mess that we see around the table?

It all starts this weekend. We’ll see you Sunday night!