This Week: 

Reflection Questions

  1. The Beatitudes speak into what it means to be blessed – to really live the good life. What versions of “the good life” do you see presented in our world? How do they compare with what you see in the Beatitudes?
  2. To be “poor in spirit” is to live from a posture of spiritual dependance and need. How do we maintain this kind of posture of dependance in our spiritual walk without lapsing into self-sufficiency?
  3. In Luke 18:9-14, we see the arrogant judgement of the Pharisee in contrast with the humble dependance of the tax collector. We all have an inner Pharisee – who are you tempted to arrogantly thank God you’re not like?The Message translation of Matthew 5:3 says
  4. “Your blessed when you’re at the end of your rope.” Looking back on your own journey, where have you seen God meet you in your “end of the rope” moments? And in this difficult season, how are you seeing him at work?

Community Practice

In light of the events happening in our country, we’re committing to equipping you through both education and action to seek justice and love our neighbors well. As we combat racism and white supremacy, we’ll point you to resources and next steps to live the calling of biblical justice in your life. We’ve created a new page devoted to justice, which includes a sign up for Be The Bridge 101 – a class designed for white people to be equipped in conversations around bias, white supremacy, and identity. Visit!

Other Resources For Growth

You Version Bible App – online Bible and tons of reading plans
The Bible Project – videos, podcasts, and resources that help you understand and study the Bible
Daily Prayer App – a resource to guide your daily Scripture and prayer
Storied Narrative Lectionary – videos designed to help immerse you in the big story of the Bible
Prayer Course – an amazing free resource that helps you learn what prayer is – and how to do it