Reconciled Week 5: Growing Up Together

Listen to Sermon Audio | Read Ephesians 4:1-16


This Week’s Songs:

The Lion & The Lamb – Leeland Mooring, et al.
You Deserve It – JJ Hairston, et al.
Rescuer – Cathy Parks, Johnny Parks, & Nick Herbert

Agnus Dei – Michael W. Smith


Read Ephesians 4:1-16

Spiritual growth never happens in isolation. When you look back on your spiritual journey, who are one or two people who’ve been the most instrumental in helping you grow in your relationship with Jesus? Tell us how. 

In verse 3, Paul invites us to make every effort to keep unity and peace. How do we go about seeking peace and reconciliation in our relationships with one another without avoiding the natural conflicts that arise?  

Paul makes it clear that every believer has gifts from the Holy Spirit that equip and build up the body as a whole. What gifts of the Spirit do you see at work in your own life… and how are they being used to build up the body of Christ? 

 In verse 15, Paul ties tells us that speaking the truth in love is central to our maturity as a faith community. So – how do you bring truth and honest in relationships in a way that reflects and offers the love of God? 

In verse 1, we’re encouraged to live a life worthy of “the calling you have received.” As you reflect back on what Ephesians has spoken to us thus far (identity, grace, reconciliation, love for one another…) where do you want to see growth in your own life in a way that reflects this sacred calling from God?



Moving Horizontal. As we enter into Ephesians 4, Paul shifts the focus to how we, as followers of Jesus, should live with one another in light of the Gospel. In these verses, he encourages practices of seeking unity and peace and speaking truth to one another in love. This week, take some time and assess the key relationships in your own life. Where do you see a lack of unity and peace? Where do you see a need for reconciliation? If there’s an opportunity this week to apologize, encourage, reconcile, or at the very least pray for, don’t waste it. Look for ways to take the same grace God has given you… and offer it to others.