Community is about relationship. Take time to listen to and engage in one another’s stories.

“Bearing with one another” means standing together under the weight of our lives in love. Be honest: what in your life feels heavy right now?    

Think about your story. Who has come alongside you in seasons of heaviness and held you up? What did you learn about love in this season of life?


Read Romans 15:1-7

Look through the previous chapter (Romans 14). How does this give context to Paul’s understanding of strength and weakness?

Paul says to live in “harmony.” How can unity be practiced through the weak moments of life?

Church is a place where we can be weak…yet grow strong. How can we love one another towards strength and find transformation in Christ? 


Speak Encouragement. Live is heavy. Circumstances and struggles often weigh us downMESS and leave us discouraged and exhausted. With this in mind, look at your relationships here in community and beyond… who needs a word of encouragement? Who needs to be built up? Who needs your help to carry a heavy load. Speak encouragement into their journey.

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