[Next Steps] Simple Gospel Week 6: A Walk With God

This past Sunday, we finished out our “Simple Gospel” series in Galatians by talking about 2 opposing forces – the flesh and the Spirit. These aren’t competing physical and spiritual realities for Paul, but rather competing sources of life and guidance. Only when we are rooted in the Spirit of God within us do we find that we are called not to a life for God, but a life with Him, walking daily, step by step. Below you’ll find links to the podcast, Scripture, and Next Step questions to talk over with friends.

Podcast: iTunes, Podcasts.com
Scripture: Galatians 5:16-25

Next Step Questions

Paul’s idea of “the flesh” is our whole selves living outside of God’s will and guidance for our lives. How can you see this manifested both in religious and non-religious ways?

The fruit of our lives is the direct result of the root of our lives – meaning we live out of whatever forms the core of who we are. How have you seen this reality in your own life… in either positive or negative ways?

Paul tells us to “Walk by the Spirit” and to “Keep in step with the Spirit.” What do we learn about what it means to have Spirit-led lives from these statements?

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