Relearning The Bible With Jesus

You can know the Bible backwards and forwards – but still completely miss the point. One of Jesus’ first post-resurrection acts was helping his disciples unlearning what they thought they knew about the Bible so they could see it with new eyes. The good news is, He’s still doing the same with us.

1. Some of us have learned to approach the Bible as a rulebook, a textbook, a weapon, or just about everything in between. What’s some of the distorted views of the Bible you’re unlearning – and what are you relearning through Jesus?

2. The misuse of the Bible has tragically led to overcorrections – leading many of us to undervalue the Bible’s centrality in our faith. How might we approach Scripture with reverence and consistency without sliding into legalism? 

Justin: There’s a couple of great resources I’d love to point you to around this topic. First, this article by Brian Zahnd speaks to the difference between Christianity and Biblicism. Second, the Bible Project’s work on how to approach and understand the Bible is fantastic. Check it out!